Nancy M. Stark
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Nancy M. Stark


I am a
... painter of trains
... collector of old stuff

... finder of treasures
... teller of stories

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I'm most inspired by...


Strong Light


Cast Shadows


Vivid Color


Found Objects



When I enter the studio it is with a sense of excitement, anticipation and play. Whether I am painting or collaging or assembling it is without a preconceived notion of how the piece will look when completed. This allows me to react and respond to what is happening on the surface. I can begin a piece and then follow where it takes me. I ask myself "what if?" a lot. I learn from every artistic endeavor and use that new found knowledge to start at a different place each time I create.


When I Am In The Studio I Am:

  • Painting + Scraping

  • Collaging + Assembling

  • Planning + Imagining

  • Stamping + Stenciling

  • Collecting + Sorting

  • Gluing + Glazing

  • Cutting + Tearing

  • Hammering + Drilling

  • Transferring + Burnishing

  • Affixing + Fastening

  • Mixing + Diluting

  • Thinking + Rethinking

  • Matting + Framing

  • Signing + Sealing